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Please find attached below floorplans showing the location of the various clubs, groups, charities etc. 

Indie Game devs set up in their zone on a first come first served basis.


Friday Trading hours for the Main Trade Hall are from 6pm to 10pm, those on the Liffey Level are not trading Friday. 


Ticket information has been sent to EventBrite and they are in the process of emailing all groups and exhibitors their passes, you MUST bring the printed tickets with you for scanning, no ticket means you do not get in.



If you require power please let us know as there is a venue charge for set up. (Those in the Indie Game Dev room do not have to worry about this)


** Please review the rules and information, while it is aimed at traders alot of the information does also apply to any group set up at the show. Fan tables, Cosplay Tables, Promo Tables etc are not traders tables and as such selling of items is prohibited (with the exception of charity groups)​​

Rules and Information


Revenue Information

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