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E-Sports, Gaming, Table Top, Fornite, Retro, Arcade, Indie Devs and VR










    At DCC you can try it all!


Check out the Virtual reality battles going on or if retro is more your style...we have you covered aswell with a range of retro consoles and custom built arcade machines for you to try out! You can even meet John Romero, the creator of the all time classic DOOM!


Does that still not interest you? Well not to worry! We also have rows of consoles set up with casual free to play games aswell as..of course...even Fortnite tournament to sink your teeth into!


Does ALL THAT still not interest you? Well we also have a room of talented local Indie Game Devs showcasing their games designed and developed here in Ireland that you can be some of the first to test or you can check out our table top gaming area with thanks to SandBox gaming in Cork where you can take part in a host of table top tournaments over the weekend! 


If ALL that does not interest you...well we have comics, guests, movie props, traders.....and more to announce!










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