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This August 2023 we will be hosting our Costume contest as a masquerade-style set up on the Sunday of the show. There is no Pro contest being held as of this time.

Adult (16+) (Sunday)
Under 16s (Sunday)
Group (Sunday)


Sign up is available online and a limited number of spaces will be allowed during the event.

The Spring Event will host the masquerade before the closing ceremony on Sunday.

The Summer Event Dates and times for the masquerade and professional competition will be updated once the schedule has been confirmed.





Youth (Under 5) - On the day sign-ups only - Children Specific Prizes 


Novice (Under 16's) - Online Pre Registration/Limited on the day sign ups - Prize to be announced


Journeyman (16+) - Online Pre Registration/Limited on the day sign ups - Prize to be announced


Group (All Ages) - Online Pre Registration/Limited on the day sign ups - Prize to be announced


For a full break down of costume contest rules, guidelines as well as weapons policy please see our FAQ HERE.




We will have multiple categories with the majority of entries only being accepted via pre-registration with our online forms (with the exception being the youth category for children).


We will have a limited number of spots available for sign-ups on the day via a sign-up sheet located at our information desk, but please note, spaces are limited! Use the sign up links at the top of the page to ensure your entry!


Please note, while anyone may apply to enter the Professional category, applications will be screened. Those entering the professional category must have made at least 70% of their costume by themselves and must be able to provide progress pictures. Please note we do not allow models/other people to enter with your costume. 





Updated Information can be received and the Sign Up desk in the cosplay village.
Directions for times and locations to meet up and sign in for the cosplay competition will be available.

Entrants must arrive at least 30 minutes before the masquerade begins at the Green Room entrance on the Liffy Level to sign in and be lined up in the correct order to go on stage, late entrants will not be allowed for safety and security.


When it is your time on stage your name and character name will be called, there will be 3 markers (look for an ‘X’) on stage for you to walk to, pose for the audience and photographers and then meet the judges before going off stage to the other side. Here you will be held till the end of your category before everyone comes back on stage for the winners to be announced and a group photograph.

If you have applied online you do not need to apply again at the convention





- Costumes must be from a published media source and an existing pop culture character. E.g, Sakizou's Alice would be fine, but one of her original characters would not.

-Any cosplay based on artwork published by fan artists must be able to provide front and back views for reference, and if from a smaller artist, proof must be shown that the art predates the costume.

-No original designs.

-The Entrants costume cannot have previously won 1st place at a large competition or have placed at an international competition.

-Digital designed and printed pieces require a minimum of 20 images showing the development of the costume/prop.

-Reference images of the front & back & details are required to be submitted via email to 1 week prior to the conventions to allow Judges to familiarise themselves with the characters.

-A performance is required. Must be between 1-3 minutes in length.

-Stage props are allowed but not required. 30 seconds will be allowed for stage set up and take down, only one (1) assistant will be allowed to help with setup and take down due to limited space. No additional assistants are allowed during the performance.



-Reference images of the front & back & details are required to be submitted via email to 1 week prior to the conventions to allow Judges to familiarise themselves with the characters.


-Submission of audio and/or video for a performance lasting between 1 and 3 minutes.
All files must be submitted online via a file sharing site (Google drive files, dropbox, others etc.) before the event.



-On the day, of Pre-judging, a photo reference book must be presented to the judges, this must include Reference images, WIP progress photos, and details highlighting work that cannot be seen on the day (ie, pattern creation, inner workings of a costume etc.)



The judges will mark entrants on 5 separate categories.


Accuracy: This category relates to the achievement in capturing the likeness of the reference photos provided by the entrant. CONSIDER colour, structure, texture, fabric, materials, scaling & proportions, finish etc.


Craftsmanship: This category relates to the skills and techniques used to create the final piece, finishing touches and overall cleanliness. CONSIDER: chosen techniques & variety of, mastery of execution and overall quality, tailoring to the entrants body. Judges will be aware of fraying edges, fabrics glued together, improper stitches, visible imperfections, and poor technique.


Creativity: This category relates to the entrant's creativity and decision-making. What obstacles did you encounter and how were they overcome? Are there unique elements to ambitious builds relating to size, weight, and manoeuvrability? How has the entrant translated their design from a chosen piece of media to their physical final costume/props etc.

CONSIDER: look deeply into the WIP photos provided and talk to cosplayer about their struggles with making the costume, how did they manage to solve issues that arose during the process of making a costume, did they have any struggles at all, if they had access to special tools or if they had to come up with any alternative solutions.


Functionality: This category relates to the replication process and all solutions used to make the costume and props usable and functional. Judges will check for manoeuvrability, comfort, ease of putting on and taking off of costume by oneself safely or what assistance is required to do so. 

CONSIDER: can specific parts of the costume be used for their intended purpose (zips, pockets, buttons, holsters, bags, belts) or are they decorative only, can things be taken off and put back on easily (like hats, gloves, shoes, bags), can props be used according it's purpose (heaviness, sturdiness, if sword bag on the back can the sword be put in bag by cosplayer and taken back out safely and smoothly).

PLEASE NOTE: subsequent issues with the costume on stage may be deducted from this mark.


Performance: The category relates to the performance piece the entrant will prepare for the competition. This is an opportunity for entrants to showcase other skills they may have (acting, dancing, gymnastics, music etc.)  Entrants will be marked on the choice and editing of audio and/or video elements, use of space on stage, stage props and entertainment value.

CONSIDER The audience's reaction, how engaging/emotional/dramatic/comedic your performance is.

PLEASE NOTE: Dangerous or performances that have not been cleared through your entrance form will lead to disqualification. Eg. throwing props into the audience, bringing liquids on stage etc.

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