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What is it?


** To be reconfirmed if coming back for 2023 **

The Gundam area at DCC this year is located on the 1st Floor (Liffey Level) and is a pilot zone which if proven popular will be expanded upon.

There will be kits available (at cost price) which are built at DCC. Tools are provided for the duration of the build (but can not be removed from the zone). You may also bring your own kits which you have purchased from traders and build them with your friends in this area under the supervision of experts in Gundam building who can help you with the more tedious aspects of building or simply give you some background about Gundam.

How does it work?

- Come along, sign up

- When you are next in the list you will be called (if you are not in the area then the next person in line is called) 

- You will receive your kit, take a seat and start building

- Once you are finished you take your kit (and newly acquired taste in gundam) and go forth into a new hobby!

If you wish , you can purchase more advanced kits from retailers at the show like Dublin City Comics and Collectibles and bring them back up to build along side your friends.

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