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Do you want to get involved?

Do you want to help us grow DCC or simply want to get involved?


If so, be sure to let us know as we have options covering everything from corporate/company sponsorship options right down to working with colleges and community groups.


If you simply want to help spread the word of DCC let us know and we can send you some flyers.


Artist Alley Tables

Artist Alley tables are applications are reviewed by an independent panel. 


Volunteer Applications

We are always on the look out for new crew and volunteers. Do you want to see the behind the scenes of DCC and make some great friendships and memories (Plus its always a great boost to a CV!). If so then you may be interested in volunteering at DCC.


Volunteers are the heart and soul of DCC and we make sure you get the most out of your time with us (plus some special perks :)  


Press Pass/Photographer Applications

Whether you are from a big newspaper or radio station or simply an influencer, we take applications from everyone and review them all. 

We have a dedicated photographer pass application form for those who are gifted with the ability to use more than the standard phone camera :)


Panel Applications

Have a great idea for a panel? Want to teach some classes at the show or show off a screening of your latest fan film? If so then this is for you! We have had panels on comic book creation, fan film screenings, special FX, cosplay tutorials, fandom talks and more!


Fan Village Applications/Group Applications

Are you a fandom or costume group? If so then be sure to apply for free table to promote your group! Everything from Reenactment groups to Lego groups are welcome to apply!


Indie Game Dev Tables

Are you an independent game developer who wants to show case your finished game to an audience? We understand its costly to advertise and get your name out there, so let us help by giving you a free table at Ireland's largest fandom event!


Promo Tables

Do you have a non profit event or a college based convention? If so, let us know and we can set aside a table for promotion!

Cosplay Tables

Are you a cosplayer who wishes to showcase your skill and help others? If so be sure to apply as we are always looking for new cosplayers to help spread the hobby that is cosplay!


Are you an SFX artist, model builder, painter etc who wishes to showcase their work, skills and connect with new customers or network with peers? If so then you can apply aswell!


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