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Assistance Information 

Are DCC and the Convention Centre suitable for attendees with additional needs? 

Yes! DCC and the CCD are committed to making sure that all of our fans have the best experience that they can, but with the nature of the event and the popularity, the floors can get busy and crowded.

It can be a noisy place and due to photo shoots and autographs being a large part of the event it will entail standing around for long periods and while we do have Assistance bands available we ask that you please consider your individual needs when deciding whether to attend the event.

You can find a full list of facilities at the venue located at the bottom of the page.

My child/family member requires special assistance when entering the con, what can I do?

Simply speak to a member of staff at the entrance or in the queue when you arrive and upon proof (ie IAA membership card, medical note etc) we will be able to allow you entry via the short queue as opposed to the main queue at the time you have purchased the ticket for. You may be able to wait in the foyer but will not be allowed entry until your ticketed time.  


*Please note even if you are brought up early, you are still only allowed access to the event from the time which your ticket entitles.

Can my carer/carers get a pass?

We are afraid carers must obtain their own ticket at this moment in time via the application form.
As we no longer offer tickets on sale at the box office, you must apply online in advance via this form (for Spring 203) or you may copy and paste this link. . You can find more information on the application form.
A carers ticket is a general entry only ticket and does not entitle you to free photoshoots, VIP tickets etc. The appropriate ticket must be purchased for those add ons

Please do not be offended if the staff asks you a few questions or for proof listed below as we want to ensure the system is not abused.

  • Disability Allowance letter

  • Letter from a medical professional

  • D/deaf or blind registration

  •  IAA Autism ID card, or an associated membership card (Family Carers Ireland Card), GP letter or hospital consultant letter

If you do not have proof ie. IAA card ( Only cards valid before 28th Feb 2019 before IAA closure) or medical note, just speak to our staff and explain the situation but please respect their decision on a case by case basis.

 As I Am , Ireands National Autism Charity will begin issuing Autism ID cards. You can find more information here

Can I bring my assistance dog / guide dog?
Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs are permitted into the event. They are to be kept on a lead at all times and under control. Water is provided on request. 
If you are bringing an assistance dog you must have the proper ID, Certification or letter from one of the 4 ADI certified training bodies to be allowed inside. 
Do you have quiet rooms?

Yes, we have a quiet room located on the first floor (Liffey Level) . Please refer to our floor plans for an exact location. This is a monitored room and is to be used for those with anxiety, autism etc and are for all ages. it is NOT a changing room for costumes or a place to eat your lunch.

We have set aside an area on Level 3 foyer for people to rest with tables, chairs and food away from the crowds on the main floor.

Do you offer an Assistance band?

Yes, we can offer an Assistance pass which is an additional wristband that you can use to get help if you need it. Simply show a member of staff or volunteer that you have an assistance wristband and they will do their best to help you with specific requests if feasible. *Please note an assistance band is not an entry ticket and will not let you gain entry to the event

You can request an assistance pass from the box office between the hours of 9am – 1pm Saturday and Sunday of the event.


Similar to the carer pass, you may be asked for proof (Guide to providing evidence of your disability) such as

  • Disability Allowance letter

  • Letter from a medical professional

  • D/deaf or blind registration

  • Any other form/letter that states your inability to queue

 or if it’s a hidden injury just some additional questions to help us ascertain how we can help and to avoid the system being abused. Some

The sort of assistance we can provide is, for example;

  • - A seat in Photo Sessions queues to wait if you cannot stand in a queue

  • - To be able to move through the Autograph Sessions quicker once your ticket number has been called or a seat to the side so you may rest until your place is up.

  • - Spaces left in the main auditorium to accommodate wheelchairs *Please note while we have reserved seating for VIP and disability in the panel rooms, the disability seating is on a first come first served basis but our staff will do their best to help ensure you get the best seat for your needs


This does not allow automatic queue jumping, entering a Photo or Autograph Session before your ticket number has been called, or being able to wait in a room between Photograph or Autograph Sessions. We cannot provide assistance for queuing for registration and ask that you wait until it is not as busy to register. Please note that the event organisers have the right to refuse access or additional help at their discretion.


Who is eligible for an Extra Help wristband?

Individuals who may have mobility, physical, vision, hearing, cognitive, psychological, invisible or other types of disabilities are all taken into consideration for extra help. We hope you can understand that we have to ensure that the right people are able to receive help at the show so we require evidence in the format of one of the below documents HERE to be shown upon entrance with your valid entry ticket.


How accessible is the venue?

Listed below are the specifics relating to the venue;


Assisted Hearing

  • Liffey Meeting Rooms 1-5, Liffey Boardrooms 1-4, Wicklow Meeting Rooms 1-5 and the Ecocem Room have an induction loop system.

  • Liffey 1 and 2, Wicklow 1 and 2, The Forum and The Liffey have infra-red radiators (two channel system), which can be used with either a Stethoscope or neck-worn induction loop.

  • The Auditorium has infra-red radiators (seven channel system), which can be used with either a Stethoscope or neck-worn induction loop.

  • Free stethoscopes are available to borrow. Alternatively, if you wear a hearing aid, you may borrow a neck-worn induction loop which can be used in conjunction with the “T” position on your hearing aid. Please ask a CCD Host of contact reception to avail of this service.

Lifts and Stairs

  • The CCD main entrance is accessible via a ramp.

  • We offer lift access to all levels, in addition to escalators and stairwells.

  • There are dedicated wheelchair user and companion seats in The Auditorium.


  • There are eight dedicated spaces in The CCD’s on-site car park for people with a disabled persons parking card, or the equivalent international scheme.

  • The car park has a lift which accesses all floors.

  • There is a drop-off point outside the main entrance.

  • Car Parks near The CCD, operated separately, also have dedicated spaces for people with disabilities.

Wheelchair access

  • All meeting spaces are wheelchair accessible.

  • The Auditorium has 20 spaces suitable for wheelchair users.

Toilets for people with disabilities

  • Toilets for people with disabilities are located throughout the venue on every floor. They all have an alarm pull cord system, and are unisex.

Facilities for visitors with visual impairments

  • All rooms, halls and toilets are signposted in large print and Braille.

  • CCD Hosts are available to assist visitors to their event or seat if required.

  • All lifts have Braille buttons.

  • A Describer system for the visually impaired is fitted in Liffey 1 and 2, Wicklow 1 and 2, The Forum, The Liffey and The Auditorium. To find out if your event has a Describer please contact your Event Manager.

Fire and Emergency

  • Our CCD Security officers and CCD Hosts are fully trained in evacuation procedures for those with limited mobility.

  • In the event of an evacuation, you will be escorted to the nearest refuge by a CCD Host or member of CCD Security.

  • Refuges for customers with limited mobility are located throughout the venue.

  • If you have an Assistance Dog, the dog should also go to the refuge.

First Aid / Medical Assistance

  • Our CCD Security officers are trained in First-Aid.

  • Defibrillators are located in the Medical Suite, Security Control Room and by the large meeting rooms.

  • If you have any specific medical requirements or concerns please contact your Event Manager.

Autism Alert Card.jpg

We will have a limited number of these cards available at the event (both at the info desk and box office) should you wish to avail of them. Thanks to Irish society for Autism for supplying the graphic. 

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